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Faculty Advisor
Vicki Taylor

Club President
Rachel Palmer 

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About Us

Our Mission

To provide a forum for students to work with others in a collaborative environment to investigate and further learn about Human Resource Management as it occurs in the business environment.

Our Values

The continuous learning of human resource management theory and the development of exact knowledge and definition of human resource management principles.

Benefits of Membership

SHRM - Student Chapter has been designed to complement the human resource ideas taught in the classroom. The events that are scheduled throughout the semester allow students to broaden their knowledge of human resources. This is done in two ways:

Guest Speakers

Human Resource Professionals are invited to Shippensburg University to speak on current trends in human resources. Human Resource Professionals also provide members with networking contacts when looking for an internship or job opportunity.

Professional Business Associations

The SHRM Student Chapter has an association with the Cumberland Valley Chapter, SHRM (Cumberland Valley SHRM) and the Cumberland Valley Association for Quality and Participation (AQP). SHRM Club members are encouraged to attend the monthly meetings at these professional organizations. The meetings provide fantastic information on the current trends in business as well as dynamic ways to energize the working environment.

The SHRM Chapter is also associated with The Human Resource Professionals of Central Pennsylvania (HRP of Central PA) which is an organization comprised of over 365 Human Resource professionals. Our organization is a valuable resource for professionals who deal with human resource issues within their organization.