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Director of Bands

Trever Famulare


Department Secretary

Karen Reath


President of Bands

Shelby Young

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2013 Red Raider Marching Band Leadership/Staff

Drum Majors 2014

Flutes and Clarinets 2014

Alto and Mello 2014
 Trumpets and Drums 2014

Low Brass 2014

Color Guard 2014

 Majorette and Roadie 2014

Quartermaster Crew

Head: Erin Arnold

Zac Clouse

Alli Harbour

Henry Korch

Alexis Lagos

Kelsey Oli



Librarian Crew

Head: Alyssa Holt

Tyler Allen

Lara John

Marissa Leader

Cherise Yost 

Instrument/Equipment Crew

Head: Otto Wallenmeyer

Chris Foote


Technology Crew

Head: Chase Angle

Colleen Ochs

Caitlin Roberts 

Professional Consultants

Brass -- John Lemke

Colorguard -- Patrick McLaughlin 

Drumline -- Brent Behrenshausen

Drumline -- Gabriel Rose 

Drumline -- Wesley Gibson

Majorette -- Jessica Cintron  

Pit -- Aaron Trumbore 

Pit -- Anthony Calabrese

Woodwind -- Andrew Sak 


Video Man
Bill Dean