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Club President

Karley Eberhart


Elizabeth Purswani
(717) 477-1560

Caleb Miller
(717) 477-1560

Samuel Frushour
(717) 477-1560

Darrell Claiborne
(717) 477-1560

Have a suggestion on what type of performer to bring to campus? Have feedback on any of our events? Curious on how to get involved? We love hearing from students, faculty, staff, and administration! Feel free to contact us using any of the following ways:

Office: CUB 228
Phone: (717)477-1747




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  The purpose of the Activities Program Board shall be to serve as the primary programming board at Shippensburg University to: 


  1. Provide cultural, social, recreational, and educational programs for the SU community
  2. Provide leadership opportunities for students which complements the classroom experience
  3. Work together with the administration and faculty



Learning Outcomes- By being involved in APB it is our hopes that students will be able to do the following: 


1.     Students will discover and refine their personal leadership philosophy

2.     Students will develop critical and reflective thinking abilities

3.     Provide programs to meet student needs balanced with individual, organizational, and institutional values

4.     Understand group dynamics within the organization and the leaders role in empowering and motivating people in the organization

5.     Show proficiency in communicating effectively in a variety of formats (i.e. program development and evaluation, agent/agencyrelations, community and campus relations, public speaking, etc.)

6.     Students will demonstrate the ability totransfer the skills they have acquired from the organization into their major fields of study and general learning

7.     Students will develop an understanding of knowledge from a range of areas including multicultural competence, involvement with faculty and staff, and other areas.