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Contact Us

Club President

Chris O'Connor 


Samuel Frushour
(717) 477-1560


Have a suggestion on what type of event to bring to campus? Have feedback on any of our events? Curious on how to get involved? We love hearing from you! Feel free to contact us using any of the following ways:

Office: CUB 228
Phone: (717) 477-1747




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 The 2016-2017 Board

If you need to contact one of us, please call 717-477-1747,
, or stop by CUB 228.
Our office hours are listed below.

    Kristina Carey


    Bria Stevenson
    Vice President for Membership


     Evan Redding
     Treasurer/ Concert Coordinator

     Chris O'Connor
     Staff Development Coordinator

     Tariah Burton
     Office Manager

     Lauren Uleau
      Marketing Team Coordinator


    Kelsi Knarr
    Gear Manager

    Bri Rivello
    Marketing Designer


    Kelsey Sersen 
    Staff Bonding Coordinator 

Karla Moses
    Promotions Coordinator

   Makenna Kressley
   Marketing Designer

   Cristen Harris
   Social Media Coordinator

   Shea Evans
 Online Systems Manager