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My name is Perry Mattern, and I am a junior at Shippensburg University. I became the sports director at the start of the spring semester in 2013. I was the play-by-play announcer for all 13 Shippensburg football games in the fall of 2012 and for 20 games during this past basketball season. I have always had a love for sports, and announcing them is as fun as playing them for me. 

 I host two shows on WSYC. My first is the Ship Sports Show on at 8 pm each Sunday night. Along with keeping tabs with all the athletic teams on campus, The Slate’s sports editor Sam Stewart and I bring on athletes to the show to be interviewed. Find all WSYC sports and Ship Sports Show information on Facebook ( and Twitter (@WSYCSports887). I also host the Jay Bear Show from 10 pm to 12 am on Monday nights alongside Jay Hahn. The show discusses all kinds of topics and plays all kinds of music. You can find us on Facebook at



“The PT Show” is hosted by Patrick Cole and Tyler Henry. Our show is on Mondays from 4 to 6 pm. Our material varies greatly, but we stick to a soft/modern rock theme with artists such as Breaking Benjamin, Green Day, Skillet, etc. We also play things from Journey to Chris Brown. A special thing we do during our show is each show around 5:30 we take a segment to talk about the world of sports and any major news that occurs daily throughout the show with a top ten list of something interesting.

Patrick Cole is a Comm/Journalism major with a focus in electronic media and is a commuter from the Chambersburg area. Tyler Henry is from Harrisburg and is also a Comm/Journalism student with a focus on electronic media and a minor in business.  




Hey! It's Alaina here from the Weekday Mix with Alaina. Join me every Wednesday from 2-4pm for a mix of music and sports to get you through the day. Do you enjoy One Direction, Drake, 2 Pac, The Saturdays, Ed Sheeran, Little Mix, Lil Wayne, A Day to Remember, Bruno Mars, etc? Then tune in, because there's a mix of just about everything on this show. You're sure to find something you like from today's hits, or even from the past. Every show, I bring weird stories from stuff that has happened in my life or that is going on in the news. Plus, you're sure to hear about gossip about your favorite celebrities or sports news. Why not add a mix of things into your hectic life in the middle of hump day, every Wednesday?  

Alaina is a Comm/Journalism major, emphasizing in Electronic Media. She is a senior at Shippensburg University. She grew up with a strong passion for music and sports, and never could really pick her favorite. She not only attends a lot of concerts, but she is also always at a lot of major league baseball games. Her dream is to be a sports reporter for ESPN or an entertainment correspondent for E!.  



Weekend Wannabes

Hey! We’re, Alyssa and Lauren, and we’re the Weekend Wannabes! Who can forget the Spice Girls, Backstreet Boys, NSYNC, Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera from the’90s? We didn’t, which is why we like to mix some popular ’90s tunes with our favorite music up until today, including some smash hits from the Top 40. Want to hear the most recent celebrity gossip? How about some juicy Shippensburg news? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.  Start your weekends off right with us on Fridays from 6 to 8 p.m.

Both of us are senior Communication/Journalism majors at Shippensburg University. Alyssa is an electronic media emphasis student, and Lauren is a print media emphasis student. Alyssa is from Exton, Pennsylvania, and Lauren is from Hamilton, New Jersey.

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Twitter -!/weekend_wannabe 




Charles Jones, from Philadelphia, attended Temple University, graduate of Harrisburg Area Community College, military retired. As a Philadelphian I was always around music of all forms and cultures. I was introduced to jazz at very young age and learned to appreciate its history and achievements; so when the opportunity arrived to continue my education in journalism I jumped at the chance to DJ here at Shippensburg University, playing the music that I love. So, while listening to WSYC radio, listen in on the Groove Zone on Saturdays from 4 to 6 p.m.. If you like jazz I know you'll hear music that will grab you and the personality that goes with it. Stay tuned. 


 CarlStrome3 Strome Show logo 2

My name is Carl Strome and I am a Communication/Journalism major at Shippensburg University. I am from New Rochelle, NY and have a great passion for sports and music. I attended New Rochelle High School and was a varsity football player for 3 years (2 starting). My goal is to host my own radio or television show for the City of Brotherly Love in Philadelphia or in another great sports town and m radio show on WSYC is the start of that.  

For my radio show, “The Strome Show,” (Thursdays from 10 to noon) I aim to do more talk than DJ. As I have gotten started, I have done mostly DJ work in preparation for more talk and to acclimate myself to the studio. I intend to do more talking whether it be just me or with a partner for the majority of my show. I have always had a passion for sports and I always try to incorporate a good portion of sports news and talk whether it is at the professional or collegiate level. But of course, there is more to radio than just sports. I have always had a dream of being an actor and although that most likely won’t become reality, it makes me a movie buff so to speak. Because of that, I want to instill movie talk whether it is old or new such as The Godfather or The Dark Knight Trilogy. Entertainment is another avenue I wish to pursue in my show whether it is regarding music or celebrities. One way or another, it makes for good talk radio and people want to hear about it. So from here on out, that is what I want my show to be about and hopefully it will drive more listeners to the station making the show a success.  


 /uploadedImages/Clubs/WSYC/shred show logo.jpg aaronrovegno 

My name is Aaron Rovegno and I am a Communication/Journalism major at Shippensburg University.  I am from Carlisle PA but have lived states across the nation and also in Germany.  I have loved skateboarding and snowboarding since I was 15, and actively skate and snowboard every day that I can.  My dream job upon graduating would be working at a skateboarding magazine as a writer and photographer in a major east coast city. I listen to various types of music like hip hop, metal, classic rock, dubstep, reggae, and alternative. My favorite groups to listen to are The Wu-Tang Clan, The Black Dahlia Murder, Pink Floyd, and Modest Mouse.
My radio show, "The Shred Show," is on Thursdays from noon to 2.  Throughout each show I talk about different happenings in the action sports world such as new skateboarders turning professional, new videos releasing, and unfortunate deaths of anyone important.  Any time there is a big contest such as the X-Games, Street League Skateboarding, or The Dew Tour I will give an overview the week before during a show and the following week I will give a recap of the contests.  The music I play varies every show due to playlist constraints, but some bands played are; Ratatat, Fierce Bad Rabbit, Lotus, A$AP Rocky, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Kid Cudi.  If you love action sports like moto-x, skateboarding, snowboarding, or BMX tune into the show for some great music and sports news.