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Contact Us

Studio/Request: 717-477-1480
Business Line: 717-532-6006
Facsimile Line: 717-477-4024 
Email: WSYC General Manager

Faculty Advisor

Ted Carlin

Club President

Samuel Fritz

WSYC-FM Location

Room 246, Second Floor, Ceddia Union Building (CUB) 
Shippensburg University
1871 Old Main Drive
Shippensburg, PA 17257


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There are many ways to reach the people at WSYC: phone, email, or even by visiting us at the 3rd floor of the CUB.

Studio/Request Line: (717) 477-1480
Business Line: (717) 532-6006
Facsimile Line: (717) 477-4024
Second Floor, CUB
Shippensburg University
1871 Old Main Drive
Shippensburg, PA 17257

Administrative Staff | These are non-voting staffers employed by the University.
Director of Broadcasting  Michael Gardner, M.S.
Faculty Advisor & Station Operator  Dr. Ted Carlin
Chief Engineer  Jeff Hollinshead  

Executive Council | These officers are voted into office every fall semester by WSYC members.
General Manager  Tom Horne
Music Director  Greg Kalmring
Program Director  Eric Cubbler 
Human Resources Director  Matt Atwell   

Management Council | The management council members keep the station running by attending to specific aspects of the station's operation. They're appointed by the Executive Council.
Sports Director  Perry Mattern
News Director Ricardo Almeida 
Business Director   Michael Uehlein 
Public Relations Director Alex Anstett 



General Members

General Members |The women and men who make WSYC what it is, your campus and local radio station! 2013:

Anstett, Alex
Alvarez, Brittany
Atwell, Matt
Benzig, Dan
Cooper, Marcus
Cubbler, Eric
Dixon, Andy
Fennell, Sean
Grimek, Konnor
Harris, Nasir 
Henry, Tyler
Holliday, James
Horne, Thomas
Jones, Charles
Kalmring, Greg
Kemble, Trey
Kosinuk, Katherine
Krauss, Mitchell
Lacroce, Nick
Lang, Amanda
Lee, Tyler
Mattern, Perry
McCarthy, Sean
Miscavage, Lauren
Mitchell, Jr, Charles
Moser, Kelly
Murtoff, Liz
Rachlin, Liz
Rieman, Liz
Rodriguez, Alaina
Schaeffer, Austin
Schneiderhan, Bill
Thumma, Jessica
Uehlein, Michael
Whitaker, Abigal
Wilkinson, Alyssa
Wright, Kristen
Wright, James
Zumkhawala- Cook, Rich