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United Communication Association

Mission of the United Communication Association

The purpose of this organization shall be:  

  1. To act as a support group and offer internship opportunities primarily to Communication/Journalism students from diverse backgrounds, and also to offer mentoring and networking with students from other disciplines with an interest in the communication professions.
  2. To foster dialogue about diversity issues. 
  3. To participate in multicultural recruitment. 
  4. To establish stronger partnerships between student media groups and campus organizations. 
  5. To offer a platform for Communication/Journalism students to network with one another beyond their years at Shippensburg University.

The primary function of the organization shall be to bring about a union of diverse students dedicated to truth and excellence in the field of Communication/Journalism by:  

  1. Encouraging students to identify careers in Communication/Journalism.
  2. Assisting Communication/Journalism students in upgrading their professional skills in order to make them more marketable. 
  3. Strengthening the ties among Communication/Journalism students of all cultural backgrounds. 
  4. Being a part of an exemplary group of professionals that honors excellence and outstanding achievements among multicultural journalists and communicators.