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Social Work Organization (SWO)

SWO, as stated above, is the Social Work Organization. Our purpose is to bring additional learning opportunities and experiences to the students through meetings, service opportunities, and the ability to attend conferences. We participate in events such as Relay for Life, Raiderfest, Earth Day, All Inclusive Basketball, All Inclusive Party, and several events with the Women's Center on campus. In addition to these events we plan one meeting each month to bring unique opportunities to our students. In the past we were able to have one of our peers talk about her disability, Blindness, and students were able to ask questions. We also were able to bring in Alumni for questions and have a "Stress Less" meeting toward the end of the semester. 

SWO also supports students by working closely with the Practice with Organizations in Communities class. We support them by providing funding for their group project, and encouraging other students to attend their events.

SWO organizes one major fund raiser each semester, in this academic year our members sold candles in the fall and Gertrude Hawk Chocolate in the sping.


Below you see a group of our faculty (Dr. Michael Lyman & Dr. Liz Fisher) and students that attended the Spring 2013 PAUSWE conference at the Penn Stater in State College, Pennsylvania.