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In 1957 Reflector divided into two separate organizations: The Reflector,  and The Slate. While The Slate went on to operate as the newspaper, Reflector went on to become an independent student publication accepting original undergraduate creative works—fiction, poetry, and non-fiction to graphic art, photography, and more. Still in operation today, our organization is dedicated to supporting and encouraging the growth and preservation of Shippensburg’s literary community.

Additionally, some of Dean Koontz’s earliest works were published in Shippensburg University’s very own literary magazine in an issue archived in the Ezra Lehman Memorial library. Traditionally, students on the staff have also have the opportunity to conduct and publish interviews with visiting writers. Previous interviews have included Allen Ginsberg, Mark Wunderlich, Sonia Sanchez, and Lydia Davis.

In the past, our staff organized a series of writing workshops, which allowed students to meet other writers on campus and share their work in a constructive, friendly environment of fellow authors. In 2007, these workshops created a new writer’s group, Cerebrate —an organization on campus that worked closely with The Reflector. While Cerebrate eventually died down, The Spawning Pool sprung from the ashes. Meeting in the fishbowl as a small group of creative writers, it produced flyers featuring creative art and poetry. After a brief hiatus, in 2011 this group emerged again with new members as "SpawningPool."  Submissions for publication range from the conventional (short fiction, creative non fiction, and poetry) to the unconventional (screenplays and comic book panels), photography, and art are accepted throughout the fall and spring semesters. Publications in the forms of flyers, zines, and a final chapbook are released throughout the school year highlighting work gathered from students around campus. We encourage all undergraduate students to submit, and multiple submissions are encouraged.