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Alexander Strickler

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A division of The Reflector that publishes literary flyers and zines throughout the Fall and Spring along with a final chapbook in April  

Submit your poetry, prose, fiction, non-fiction, and art to


    *Prose, fiction, non-fiction:  300 maximum word count

    * Poetry: no stringent restrictions

    * Art: jpeg format

*By submitting to the SpawningPool, you agree that if selected, your work can published the flyers, zines, chapbook and Tumblr.


    *because of University guidelines, we are unable to post links to social media sites. You may, however, find us at the following:   

      Facebook: "SpawningPool"

      Twitter: "@Spawning_Pool"

      Tumblr: "spawning-pool"



    Brittany Torrez-Alvarez

    Maddie Moyer-Keehn

    Caleb Boullianne

    Dan Bowman

    Becky Orner

    Jenny Vargo