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Dr. Girard

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David Jones

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Pokemon Club

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      (Ship) Pokemon Club

Hello, and welcome to the Pokemon Club at Shippensburg University!! 


SUPPLIES ARE IN!!  The Pokemon Company International (TPCi) provides our club/league with promotional material that is only available through them.  


The Pokemon Club hosts a weekly Pokemon League, which is open to all people. To inquire about the club, feel free to e-mail. Also, be sure to check out the Facebook page (posted above) to keep up with events.

The club focuses more on the Trading Card Game than the Video Game, but both are supported. Also to mention is that the card format is Unlimited.

Note the importance of a Play! Pokemon ID. You can receive additional prizes from the Pokemon Company International (TPCi) by participating in the League with said ID. This ID will be provided at the League and can be used to order a free badge case.


Occasionally throughout the year, we may host post-release events. We will have people beforehand purchase booster boxes for easy accessibility. How these events work, 6 packs are used to make a deck, and we have fun trying out the cards from a specific set.


We are able to loan out theme decks for use at our League! (Collateral, such as Student ID, is needed)

Happy playing!