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In Motion Dance Troupe




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About In-Motion Dance Troupe: 

Shippensburg University's In-Motion Dance Troupe is a completely student-run organization. Dance Troupe was founded in 1986 and has since gained club sport status and funding at the university. To maintain club sport status, Dance Troupe is required to compete at least once during the school year. In the past, Dance Troupe has participated in up to three competitions during the spring semesters. Among many other on-campus performances, the In-Motion Dance Troupe prepares an annual show to be performed during the spring semester. The purpose of In-Motion Dance Troupe is to further the interest in dance at Shippensburg University.  Also, to cultivate ability in both performing and choreographing dances, and to study specific dance techniques, choreography, and current dance trends.  

 A seven-member executive board keeps the In-Motion Dance Troupe running smoothly. The Executive Board consists of the Director, Chairperson, Assistant Director, Assistant Chairperson, Treasurer, Secretary, and Historian. Each member of Dance Troupe's Executive Board has responsiblities that are specific to her office. The members of the Executive Board are also responsible for choreographing Dance Troupe's annual performance at Spirit Rally during Homecoming week, as well as choreographing certain routines performed in the annual show.  

All members of the In-Motion Dance Troupe are required to participate in all competitions, as well as Spirit Rally and the annual show. All members, excluding the Executive Board, are required to be a part of one of Dance Troupe's four committees: fundraising, publicity, costume, and social.