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Ship REC Basketball Court D
Thursday 7pm-9pm
Sunday 5pm-6:30pm

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TBA for Fall 2016

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TBA for Fall 2016
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Welcome to the Shippensburg Fencing Club! Whether you're new to fencing, an olde pro or just someone interested in embracing your inner duelist, the Fencing Club is the place for you! We offer a fun, learning based environment where you can both stab and be stabbed to your heart's content.

If you're interested in joining, please feel free to either drop by at practice time, come to one of our events, or send a line to our advisor or one of the officers! You are always welcome to bring your own equipment, but we do have a selection of gear available for use if yours is a state away or if you simply want to take a swing at it before moving forward with any investments. 

We pride a record of safety and are always working to keep things safe and secure for our members; safety before stabbing!

Last semester was a great leap forward for us as we competed against other Universities and their fencing teams to take home a Silver Medal!

If you just want a good workout with a twist, enjoy the historical aspects or just want to hang out with people who legally have swords on campus, please feel free to join us!

Fencing Club is proudly sponsored by Studypool, the Homework Helper